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Washington State waterfront history and heritage is rich. It is suggested by archaeological evidence that is was on the first populated regions in North America, dating back to approximately 9,000 BCE. It is estimated that there were approximately 125 Northwest tribes and 50 dialects prior to Euro-American colonization. The tribes celebrated the natural resources that came from the surrounding bodies of water, primarily hunting for halibut, salmon, whale and shellfish. Europeans and early American settlers discovered Washington state starting in 1774. Fort Nisqually was the first settlement in the Washington Puget Sound area. In 1889, Washington State became the 42nd state in the United State of America and quickly became a leading lumber producer, and is also a top producer of apples, hops, sweet cherries and more.

With such a long and diverse history, there are a wide variety of strong>Washington State waterfront history and heritageattractions. Browse the listings below to find the perfect historical attraction for your visit to Washington waterfront destinations.

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Waterfront History & Heritage in Washington State