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Waterfront Camping

There are many different types of waterfront camping in Washington State. You can find a secluded riverfront camp site in the Olympic or Cascade Mountains, enjoy a more traditional community-focused campground on the Washington coast, or find the perfect state parks operated on one of the many inlets of the Puget Sound. Obviously, this only scratches the surface to the wide variety of waterfront camping in Washington State and we recommend doing lots of research and testing out as many campsites as possible to get a feel for what you like the best.

To help kick-start your research, we've compiled a list of Washington State waterfront camping sites from the most popular to the most secluded and unknown.

As always, if you have a story that you would love to share Washington State waterfront camping, please visit the Washington Waterfront Facebook page! We would love to hear where you enjoyed a waterfront vacation in our lovely state!

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Waterfront Camping in Washington State